Monday, February 06, 2006

3 Blogs for one choice - The Partain's

Ken writes in the About section:
My name is Ken Partain (learn more about me and my services here) and I am here to learn to be prosperous and to teach others the same. This site is dedicated to all of the people who strive daily to increase their knowledge and prosperity.

There are many ways to be prosperous. You can have good health, good relationships, enjoy life, enjoy work and earn a good living. Whatever your goals, you can achieve them. Through this site I will pass along bits of information and lessons that have been a benefit to me. I am putting this site together with the hopes of creating a community of like-minded people, those who want to learn and share their experiences.

My mentor taught me that the wise people learn from their own experiences, and the super-wise learn from the experiences of others. With this in mind, we would like to create an atmosphere where we can exchange ideas.

You can choose amongst the following:

Daily Choices (Ken)

Happiness Now (Ann)

Prosperity for You (Ken)

You just hit the jackpot! Three for one!

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