Thursday, February 23, 2006


In Blogging Meta - Revised, Mike Warot writes:
There is a subtle yet profound difference between blogs and previous methods of communicating on the net. Blogs are anchored to a location, which requires ownership. This difference is the major factor which lead to it's current popularity. Unlike email, you can't forge entries from a blog. This allows trusted relationships. When you read a blog for the first time, you're deciding if you like the author or not. This uses our natural instincts for deciding who we want to build relationships with. It grows over time. You'll develop a set of favorites that you read over time.
He goes on to describe the manual process of creating blogrolls and inherently trusting them versus selecting a search engine to provide data via an RSS feed and having to shift through the chaff to find the wheat.

Read the full posting here.

With this one post, I already found something that should graduate Mike's blog to my own blogroll.

Check in on Mike and maybe you'll find something to keep coming back as well!

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