Friday, February 03, 2006

Media Influencer

[What media? What influence? I don't know. But! She writes! Well! And she writes about real stuff. To her.]

Who is she? This is what we know. Her name is Adriana. She likes food, wine, and travel. She is reflective. She writes well. She has a very nice smile. She will influence you if you let her.

Here are two examples...

"In a comment on my previous post Lloyd suspected me of dewy-eyed romanticism based on my choice of films. I shuddered and then thought about why I like those films. I realised that each film reminds me of things that I want to be reminded about."

"While hunting for a quick snack in the kitchen earlier today, I came across some overripe bananas overlooked in the haste of the last week. Their particular aroma brought memories of things I thought I had forgotten. When I was growing up bananas used to be rare (note: I grew up during communism not WWII to avoid confusion :-)) - supplied to the shops occassionally and obtained by queueing for a long time unless you knew someone from the shop who would put some aside for you. This was buying under the counter, as we used to call the widespread practice of getting hold of both staples and luxury items, a rather dubious and fluid distinction due the vagaries of socialist economics (and economies)."

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