Friday, March 30, 2007

It could get worse 2.0 - Marcus Brown

The trail finds itself in Germany today. How it got there, it cannot recall but look what it found!

Marcus Brown has a partner in Sacrum who says:
I have mission! I want to leave Europe and work in Great Empire where advertising goodness happens. So I pack bags and go when called. I apply to your agency and you employ, yes? Yes! You call I come and bring cognitive knowledges and pencils.
Marcus has started week one:
If you've never been here before you may want to read this first. If you can't be bothered I'll tell you anyway. Paul Colman and a friend had a run in with an avalanche and got lifted of a mountain by mountain rescue. I've pleged to paint a painting, document it here and then sell it, with the money going to the gentlemen in a helicopter that saved them. Today is week one.
Check out the work in progress.

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