Saturday, March 17, 2007

the accidental yogist - joni

The trail takes a turn in Los Angeles where we find joni who writes at the accidental yogist:

i write about all the facets of yoga life in los angeles: the studios, the teachers, the events, and everything else that continues to make LA the yoga capital that it is.

so go ahead and try something new. it just might spice up your yoga practice!

why "the accidental yogist"? after seriously injuring my knee in a skiing accident in december 2004, i started dabbling in yoga classes while taking a prescribed break from long distance running. in time, i found that not only was yoga good for my knee and the rest of my body, but it was also good for my mind. -- this is a chronicle of my journey so far...

joni writes:
after publishing my last post on this weekend's peace march which will mark the 4th anniversary of the war on iraq, i found this piece about how yoga has been helping war vets cope with post traumatic stress disorder. it aired on NPR's morning edition last march 1st.
Read joni's full posting here.

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