Thursday, March 29, 2007


What was once a fun thing to join is now continuing to grow. The count when visiting to draft this posting was already at 1730 pictures and growing. Pretty soon, 2000Bloggers will really be 2000!

Welcome to 2k Bloggers

Ever wondered what the blogosphere looks like? Well, this is what it looks like. See the blogosphere.

We're bloggers from all walks of life, from mommy bloggers to marketing bloggers: Some are SEO experts, some are writers, some are sports enthusiasts, some are affiliate marketers, some are business professionals, some are political... ALL HAVE OPINIONS!!!

We're a community of bloggers dedicated to sharing. Our writers write on various topics; we're all about variety and diversity.

I for one, have appreciated the traffic and the opportunity to go exploring. Were there be one post per, it would take 8 years of weekday posts to cover the 2000! And yet the blogosphere continues to grow...

Add this site to your RSS Reader and appreciate the diversity!

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