Friday, March 09, 2007

Jazz Violin - China

The trail turns to a site I had found and posted about when I found the "Water Buffalo Movie". Robert Thompson is the artist behind the movie and this blog.

In his about page we read:

I currently reside in Yunnan, China with my wife and will be back in the US around May 2007 to continue my music career. In 2006, I finished a tour with Cirque, moved to China, got married, bought and designed a house in China, graduated from the Berklee College of Music, bought a car and got a Chinese driver’s license, traveled extensively throughout southwestern China, improved my Mandarin Chinese, snapped over 10,000 pictures and made dozens of movies for my family and friends back home. And, of course, I’m always recording and performing music for my return to the US next year.

How do you get from Cirque to China?
When you are Robert Thompson, you do it with a violin.

Consider adding this site to your RSS Reader. He'll be in China up until May 2007 when he returns to the states. If his violin is anything like his photos, he is quite good!

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