Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Teaching with Aloha blog

The Hitchhikers found Rosa Say and her Talking Story blog once upon a time.

Dean Boyer found Rosa and Managing with Aloha once upon a time.

Together they have created "Teaching with Aloha".

Dean writes:

I have always loved school, even my eleven years in college! I had difficult experiences like everyone else but I enjoyed learning. Memories include field trips to Helm's bakery, seaside tidepools and a naval aircraft carrier. Teachers like Mrs. Hurt, who seemed to like you as long as you were not her student, Mr. McClure's plastic bat which he would use as a pointer and "wake-up" tool (the class pooled their money to buy him a new bat at the end of the year), Mr. Steele's "heads will roll" and Mrs. Schweitzer's first day opening comment, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen...and others." Yes, I enjoyed school.

I still enjoy the exciting school atmosphere where hundreds of children's lives collide and blend with each other. After a 30 year career as a teacher, principal and superintendent, I remain energized. I expect schools to provide cultures of transformation, healing, counsel and wonder. For this deeper work to occur, teachers must teach and administrators must lead from their hearts.

Teaching with Aloha encourages educators to do their challenging, inestimable work from the heart so that some day, perhaps 40-50 years later, their students will be able to say, "I loved school!"

Rosa writes:

Teaching with Aloha was created as a resource for all who teach as an expression of the aloha they wish to share with others. If you teach, instruct, educate, train, coach and mentor, Teaching with Aloha is here for you.

We are a collaborative work in progress, just recently created in February of 2007

There have been some thoughtful posts on:
If you are any fan of Rosa, you will want to add this site to your RSS Reader. She and Dean are off to a great start. Join the conversation!


Anonymous said...


You are so kind with your words and encouragement. Putting us on your site is a wonderful surprise! Thank you for contributing your recent comments as well.

~ Dean Boyer, Teaching with Aloha

Rosa Say said...

Steve, how generous of you, mahalo nui loa! Your aloha is such a source of unending abundance for me; please know that I continually count you among my blessings, and I am deeply appreciative.

We ARE very excited about Teaching with Aloha, for we believe that teaching from the heart, and from the places within us nurtured by living the values of aloha, is vitally important. Teachers seek buried treasure; they illustrate for their students all the good potential within them - and we all win!

Steve Sherlock said...

Dean, Rosa, thank you for stopping by. As your collaboration teammate, I will do what I can to help for commencement begins everyday!

I look forward to continued good conversations!