Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Freaked Out Fathers - Peter Aldin

Sometimes the Hitchhikers don't have to go too far to find a good blog. Sometimes, the blogger finds you. Such was the case when Peter left a comment about Sgt Pepper turning 40. His grandparents gave the album to him when he was 11. Now that is a set of grandparents! It is no wonder that Peter is a remarkable guy.

He writes in his about page:

My name is Peter Aldin, married man and father of two boys. Apart from my contribution to populating the planet, I’m also founder of Great Circle Life Coaching.

My greatest success in life has come from empowering others to succeed. The last 12 years have found me…

  • Life-coaching and counseling - over 6 years in areas of business communication, family communication, leadership, motivation, vocational guidance, time-management, personal boundary-setting, instructional design and goal-setting
  • Delivering and designing courses and workshops for a variety of participants from professionals to church leaders to parents
  • Delivering and designing competency-based training in tertiary colleges and retail businesses (for franchisees like Subway, Mitre 10 hardware, McDonalds and Mobil Quix convenience stores)
  • Delivering Call Centre induction training (yes, I have a lot to answer for there, don’t I?)
  • Developing a youth mentoring network (Nexus Youth Keysborough) - which still operates in my absence
  • Supporting the needs of a small community of Cambodian migrants through pastoral care
  • Co-designing and co-facilitating the Opening Doors program for longterm unemployed - with emphases on motivation, goal setting and jobseeking strategy - with successful placement outcomes
So you get two blogs for one click today. One humorous one at Freaked-out Fathers and one more serious one at Great Circle.

I like the part about

Why “Great Circle”?

Great Circle refers to the method sailors and pilots use to navigate their way around a sphere ( the Earth!). Great circle navigation requires both factual knowledge of earth geography and a willingness to think “counter-intuitively”. In a complex world, instinct and habit often drive us off course rather than steering us toward success and satisfaction. Our instinct is to plot our course in straight lines, but the world simply doesn’t operate that way. Reality often demands that we find ways which run contrary to our instincts when trying to reach our goals and aspirations. This is why some of our best ideas and best intentions are often frustratingly slow to achieve or even - sadly - unrealized. Great Circle is about re-learning and re-thinking our approach to family and business dynamics and relationships. In this way, we actually get to where we want to go and we often do so faster…

Check out Peter's sites. You'll be glad you did!

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