Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The trail stops this time at a memetracker called TailRank where their about page says:

What's Tailrank?

Tailrank is a memetracker which finds the hottest posts from thousands of blogs so you don't have to!

How does it work?

We find the hottest stories by tracking conversations between blogs.

Tailrank takes into consideration linking behavior, the text of the post, links in common with other users, text relevance, weblog ranking, past performance, and various other factors for recommendations.

You can review the top memes in General, Technology, Politics, Entertainment, or Video.

For example, did you hear about the USB version of DDR?

Do you want to hear about the latest in politics?

Do you know this was L'Oreal Fashion Week?

If you did not, but want to, then TailRank is the site for you!

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Sandra Dickinson said...

Thanks for getting back in the game over at Selearninggames. I have a new blog post about the concept of STORY in learning games and how we are evolving it, you might want to check out.
Also, take a look at BrainReactions. Anand Chhatper has offered to make his software available to us free of charge for our making-the-game purposes. Let me know if YOU think it would be useful (I do)