Friday, March 23, 2007

episteme - Mike Murray

So, if you're not sending a resume, how do you do it? (I could just stop here and say read my book) Really, it comes down to two skills, which are the opposite sides of the same coin:

1. Build a personal brand: as Jory says in the article, use social media, blogs, podcasts, industry groups, articles, etc. to get known.

2. Meet people who are looking for people like you and find alignment between their needs and yours. This is really the key that leads most people to say that networking is an important job skill. If you know enough people (and enough people know you), you'll be top of mind when it's time to hire someone.

This is how most "successful" (defined by me as "people who are doing what they want to do") people are getting their best jobs.
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That was a question asked by Anne in a recent post on Enthusiasm. In context, Anne stated:

"So it all comes down to this: how do you define a whore. I guess you define one as somebody who sells themselves more cheaply than you’d be willing to sell yourself. And where you draw the line depends on the opportunities before you. So those that have tons of opportunities look at those that have only a few and think: “they are whoring themselves” because they’d never sell themselves for so little."
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Mike Murray said...

Thanks for the great thoughts, Steve... glad that I could make an impression.


Steve Sherlock said...

Mike, you are most welcome! Keep up the good writing.