Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Behind the Glasses

The trail makes a stop in Croatia where Grigor writes on his about page:

My name is Grigor Ćorić and I was born 38 years ago in Zagreb, Croatia.
There is not much to say about that.
That’s past, anyway.


I still live in Zagreb, Croatia together with my better half Marijana and daughter Tamara.
Part of the day I spend working as an IS Performance Manager in InBev.
Rest of the day I continue trying to improve.
I even bought a recorder (you know: small wooden tube with holes) recently and I learn how to use it.


I have stared blogging recently in a hope that I can share some of my thoughts and ideas to make both weblife and reallife little better.

Grigor writes about presentations

A better preparation consists of following steps:

  1. Prepare the presentation.
  2. Prepare the setting.
  3. Prepare the audience.
  4. Prepare yourself.
  5. Prepare the collateral material.
  6. Prepare for questions.
  7. Prepare for next time.

Of course, know the subject you present.

Read Grigor's full posting here.

Grigor writes about using GTD at meetings:

There is a way to improve the way you conduct meetings in your organization by applying GTD methodology from the other side. In usual GTD implementation you would process items which came to your inbox and decide how should you treat each of them: do something with it, delegate it to somebody else, deffer it or delete it. We can say that you would pull items from inbox and process them. If we look from the other side of the inbox, where the bunch of things exists, we can ask ourselves whether we can use the same method to somehow extract those things that are worth our attention.
Read the full posting here.

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