Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Little Nonsense - Johnny Biscuit

Johnny Biscuit or "Executive Smarty Pants" has his own web site and his own blog.

He posted today:

This blog is different than my comedy act, in case you haven't noticed. When I am on stage I am funny. I have an obligation to deliver what I promise, which is laughs. Here, I have no such obligation. I know it can be confusing to people who want to keep it simple; funny guy funny, serious guy serious. But the only way you get to be funny; funny beyond pie-in-the-face or take-off-your-shirt-and-look-at-my-fat belly funny, is to have something behind it.

He writes in his Bio page:

Those two trips changed everything for me," says Johnny. "Once you've seen people drinking out of puddles in the road...it's different."

"I like where I find myself today," says Johnny. "I find myself with perspective and a drive to communicate with people and to laugh with people because life is more valuable to me, now that I've done a few things, lived a little."

Johnny tries to always bring something to the party.

I have not seen Johnny in action (yet) but from what I have read of him,
if there is a party that he is in, I would like to be part of it!

Read more of him here.

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