Saturday, May 07, 2005

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Found this site today... Yes, while I am still trying to catch up on some things, I am still being diverted by the attraction of following links that look promising... but this one may have been destined to be found today.

The cryptic title translates as “What I see at” - an outlet for musings, observations and futureneering from the company helping you to transition into the connection economy

The connection economy? They explain it as follows: (Bold my emphasis)
Some may wonder why we set up this blog. After all, in a knowledge/information economy, isn’t it crazy to give away your intellectual capital? Why would you put internal discussions, creative thinking and the basis of your competitive advantage out into the public arena? Why not just make this website an internal intranet, not publicly accessible?

There are a few reasons…

Firstly, we are convinced that we are no longer in an information economy. By that, we do not mean that information/knowledge/services are not important - they are! They are necessary for success. The infrastructure they necessitate and enable are critical. But, being necessary does not mean that these things are sufficient for a competitive advantage these days. We believe that we are in transition to a connection economy, dominated by relationships, connectedness, globilisation, emotional intelligence, teamwork and the like.

Yes, this is why it caught my eye. One of the items I need to catch up on is writing about GEL 2005. One of the speakers there was Jimmy Wales, founder of Without getting too much into what he said, suffice to say thare there is a connection with what these folks say:
We believe that one of the basic building blocks of any KM system is to get your key Knowledge Workers to share their data, thoughts, musings and ideas. Because of this, we prefer to refer to it as “Knowledge UnManagement”. That’s the point - the systems can be managed, but the flow of knowledge and the interactions of knowledge workers (i.e. everyone!) should not be. Its in those crazy spaces that the creativity will come.

Knowledge UnManagement - I like that. Manage the system, keep the system simple so it is usable. More use will generate more connections, more sharing, more creativity.

Hence, the need to spread the word today, right now.

This is good stuff, read the blog!

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Thanks for your comments about our blog. You may be interested in some of what we have written about leadership in the new economy:

Especially check out Keith Coats' stuff - he's a real guru.