Monday, May 30, 2005


(bree-ko-LAZH) noun, Something created using a mix of whatever happens to be available. [From French bricolage (do-it-yourself job), from bricoler (to putter around, to do odd jobs), from bricole (trifle), from Italian briccola.]

By 38 year old female in Houston, Texas. Being 39 and from Dallas, I feel a strange kinship.

Here is a sample of her writing:
When they perfect the human modem, I will be in line for the implant.
Access to the internet makes me feel like I'm the smartest person alive - the
internet being an extension of my own brain. There is nothing I can't access on
the net. The key to the universe is Boolean. I enjoy words and art. Pictures
painted with words are perfection, almost too beautiful to bear. When I can find
time (and settle my mind), I draw, paint and make "stuff." I like to journal,
tell stories and watch people and laugh loud and hard.

By the simple handle Finijo, this femme de plume inks uncommon thoughts about common subjects and vice versa. Bricolage is what it is... an eclectic but tasty read.

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