Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Keep Trying - Mike Sanders

On Examining More Half-Truths of the Blogosphere, Mike writes:

Before reading this post please go to the mirror and repeat the following 7 times:

"Bloggin's gonna save the world"
"Bloggin's gonna save the world"
"Bloggin's gonna save the world"

...Are you back? Did it feel silly?

Good - then you're ready to read this Please Don't Drink the Blogging Kool-Aid, Mkie writes:
There is a generally known principal, that the more a person stands to benefit from a situation, the more his objectivity is impaired. The intelligent reader understands that opinions are partially reflected by self-interest.

A second known principal is that once someone has drunk the blogging kool aid, there is very little that can be done. In some cases the person can be brought back to reality, but 95% of the time they must give up blogging in the process.

Since you found this hitchhiker's guide, one can assume you like blogging.

If you like blogging about blogging, then read Mike!

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