Monday, May 16, 2005

culturekitchen - Liza Sabater, et al

While Liza originated this blog, others post to it as well so it is more a group blog than an individual blog. As Liza writes:

In a sense, this blog is a very public salon, or as I thought of it when I came up with the name, a very busy kitchen. Some of the most intense conversations about art, culture, sex, politics I have had, have happened in kitchens. To me kitchens are the original cultural centers.

Hence, c u l t u r e k i t c h e n

Mark writes:
The artist must know his craft and excel at it, so that the craft does not get in the way of the intention. The craft must enable the intention. Then the vision in the mind can be actualized in the world, and with that, escape is possible.

Lorraine writes:
I think it could be argued that an environment in which loyalty is emphasized, the desire to belong is cemented through the idea that spiritual cohesion is necessary--therefore drop your individual religious identity in deference to the group's--and a belief that there is some kind of "winning" involved when you are successful in defending your faith, are all a fertile breeding ground for attitudes of insensitivity, entitlement, and brutality and power/control that leads to rape.

Yes, this is good stuff. Read c u l t u r e k i t c h e n!

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