Monday, May 23, 2005

hyku - Josh Hallett

Josh Hallett's blog byline says:

Commentary by Josh Hallett on the utilization of blogs for public relations & marketing and from time-to-time the unsolicited opinion.

Josh wrote today:

These mishaps can be amplified on the blogosphere. If you make a stupid pitch to a journalist you will lose credibility with the journalist, but chances are they aren't going to dedicate a column to how stupid you are. With a blogger things are a bit different, they just might post something about how stupid you are.

Worse yet, what happens when a blogger does not like the product or information you have advanced them?

I would answer that it would depend upon whether the blogger you choose is one who is respectful of an individual's opinion or one who enjoys mudslinging.

What's that old adage? Forwarned is forearmed, I think.

Anyway, Josh is a good writer, read him here.

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