Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Real Mums - Diary of a Mad Cow

The recent post at Diary of a Mad Cow loads on my screen and the first word I see is one I won't repeat here (beginning with "f"). I am already intrigued. This is a Mommy Blog (or Mummy if you are from a Commonwealth country like this Australian) - and this level of language taps straight into my empathy for a fellow parent having a bad kid day.

But is this writer one of those perpetually angry ranters or a compassionate loving mother who is simply very "real"?

A look around the site reveals that the blog is a part of a larger site by Amanda aka "Mad Cow" (I can't find her surname anywhere on the site, which probably protects her secret identity!): Real Mums.

About Real Mums she writes:

They say it takes a village to raise a child. So where the hell is everyone when we need them!! And how come soooo many Australian mums comment that they feel isolated, lacking support and inadeqate in their mothering role??!! RealMums offers a real alternative to mainstream parenting websites and magazines which can often enhance feelings of isolation, add to our feelings of inadequacy or provide "expert" advice that doesn't always cut it in the real world. This is the place you can come to get advice from the experts - other Mums who are going through the same stuff as you right now! Its the place to get stuff off your chest, chat with other Mums in the same boat, exchange ideas and tips on parenting dilemmas, and have a bit of fun.

As parenting is not always a barrel of laughs - no, really, its not - we've provided a Forum - Retell Therapy - where you may express yourself freely, totally and anonymously if you wish. And without fear of reprisal! Please check out and carefully read our Terms & Conditions before using the forum - then go for it!

Back to the blog, here's one of my favourite entries:

Do you ever wonder how many hats a Mums can wear in one day? And do you ever
wonder how she manages not to get her hats mixed up? Like today - school drop off, chat with teacher, chat with other Mums, business meeting for morning tea, kinder gym, kinder drop off, chat with kinder teacher and other mums (with a completely different frame of mind than the school drop off thing), coffee with girlfriend - no kid talk allowed, talked about kids, school pickup, kinder pickup, dinner with friends, check emails - both personal and business - in between and respond accordingly, read to kids, perform wifely duties (ie not

… ever wonder why we like to be in bed at 8pm, but somehow can’t manage it?

About the blog, in her dislaimer, she writes:

Diary of a Mad Cow does refer regularly to the realities of parenting, and may contain profanity. It is not intended to be offensive. If you cannot handle reality, or insist on being offended, please feel free not to read, or visit, this blog. Thank you.

Whilst MadCow (not her real name) is a real person, Mad Cow’s Diary is based on the life of the real person. Whilst all the incidents in her Diary have actually happened, the names, dates, and places have been changed to protect the innocent. Or the not so innocent!

Go, Mad Cow, go! Keep herding those wonderful children to better and better pastures!

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