Monday, June 04, 2007

bad banana blog

Yes, good idea. I like banana bread. Do you? Or do you just appreciate good ideas on design?

How about info and pictures on the water cube in Beijing:
The Watercube in Beijing will play host to the 2008 Olympic swimming and diving competitions. The structure itself is simplicity at it finest. It's a square, which obviously makes the entire building look like a pool. Bubbles made from a Teflon material surround the entire building. These bubbles are arranged in the naturally occurring formation of soap bubbles and organic cells. The transparent bubble material is designed to react to changing light conditions. From the outside, the building glows a beautiful blue (just like a pool). On the inside, light reflecting through the bubble material creates a subtle and ever-changing light show throughout the arena.
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Tim Siedell writes about himself:
I write. I doodle. I come up with ideas. I hate myself for not coming up with ideas. I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters. I graduated from college in four years without taking summer classes. Or any math. I'm perhaps the only person in the world who has voted for both Jesse Jackson and George W. Bush. I ate chicken wings with Daisy Duke in 1987. I live about as far away from New York and Los Angeles as you can get at the same time. I have never set foot in Texas.
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