Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Painting Activist - Ashley Cecil

from the Suzuki Association

to the Food Literacy Project

to Hunger Awareness Day

to cite just a few of the most recent ones, Ashley Cecil is indeed "describing the world with a paintbrush". From her about page, Ashley writes:

Welcome to the marriage of painting and social activism. I’ve been creating art ever since discovering that my mom’s favorite lipstick made a great oil pastel. Through formal art education and years of professional experience, the adult version of this vocation has evolved into my own job title, “painting activist.” I’m addressing social issues utilizing painting as my medium of communication. Much like a photojournalist, I travel to locations/events of cultural interest and capture them, only with my brush. My talent is as an artist, my passion is advocating for social change; this is how the two work together.

All artwork is for sale, unless noted otherwise. A portion of proceeds from the sale of original work is donated to the nonprofit corresponding to each piece. So if you’re apt to support my talent and contribute to a cause, invite your art-appreciating-friends, browse, be merry, and buy great art!

Checkout her gallery of art work!

Then add this site to your RSS Reader of choice and keep in touch with her efforts.

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Ashley Cecil said...

Hey, thanks for the spot light! Glad you found me. Feel free to snag a painting to add to your post.