Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The Billy Collins trail takes us to India where we find:

Caferati is a collaboration between a motley group of writers who meet online at a message board on Ryze, and offline wherever the coffee is good, plentiful and cheap. We talk about getting published, books, writing, getting published, poetry, getting published, prose, theatre, and just about anything connected with the word, including getting published. We're Indian, most of us write in English and some of us are published in the dead-tree sense or earn a living from writing in some way - but none of those are preconditions for membership. You can find out a lot more about us by visiting our website,

One post starts:
Poetry, life full of surprises for Billy Collins (an interview with Richard Anderson) Excerpt:
All children, I think, write something that, for lack of a better word, is poetry … It’s really impossible to get out of the emotional turmoil of high school without, for better or worse, recording something that, again, by default if for no other reason, you might call a poem. … Someone said you don’t need to have an uphappy childhood to be a writer, you just need to have gone through adolescence … . But most people stop, just as most people stop drawing and stop playing music and stop dancing and doing a lot of things that they did as children. I think poets are just people who never wanted to stop playing with language.
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