Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jesse James Garrett's Hidden Agenda

Jesse is a creative force in user experience. He writes in his About page:

Since 1995, I have mostly worked on the Web -- first as a writer and interface developer, then as an interface designer and information architect. These days, I primarily do user experience strategy. I started a company called Adaptive Path to help people solve user experience problems.

Information architecture remains my primary interest among all the user experience issues I deal with, and it's the area to which I've devoted the most thinking. You can read more about the field and my ideas on my information architecture page.

I wrote a book about my work in 2002. It's called The Elements of User Experience and has turned out to be pretty popular, especially among executives and newcomers to the field.

His blog page speaks eloquently about simplicity and the user experience. Just observe the layout and functionality present. Elegant!

If you are interested in user experience and do not already have Jesse's site in your RSS Reader of choice, then I recommend that you add it.

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