Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Special

For this special day, let's do something different.

For those interested in marketing, if you have not already found Logic + Emotion, check it out.

For those interested in the confluence of ideas, if you have not already found Fire and Knowledge, check it out.

For those interested in "tools to help you change your beliefs, change your life, and create your world" then check out, Shards of Consciousness.

And after checking these out, you decide you want to create a presentation to share what you found and the connections you were able to make, for advice on this there is one place to turn, Presentation Zen.


Rick Cockrum said...

I've got my towel at the ready, the most useful tool for interblogosphere travel. :-)

Thank you!

Steve Sherlock said...

The towel must be pretty well tuned into the blogosphere to travel so quickly and so well.

thanks for stopping by!

Rick Cockrum said...

The wondrous Google Alert is a handy accessory for any towel.