Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Girl's Guide to Managing Projects - Elizabeth

The trail takes us to France where Elizabeth writes A Girl's Guide to Managing Projects. In her post this week she writes:
This is the difference between skills and knowledge - let’s leave aside innate ability for the moment which our prof de danse obviously had in spadefuls. Skills are things that help you gather knowledge: competences, abilities, whatever buzzword you want to use. Knowledge is teachable and therefore learnable. Some people would argue that skills are teachable. I agree to a certain extent but there is a difference between teaching communication skills and teaching how to manage a risk. Skills are things you can build on, improve with practice and awareness and you can cover up your lack of them by being excellent in other things. Missing knowledge lets you down with a bump.

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She writes in her about page:

Although I work as a senior project manager and writer, the views on this site don’t necessarily represent the views of my employer or my co-workers. They are just my ramblings!

All links on this site open in a new window, except when they refer to another blog post here.

This site looks best using Mozilla Firefox.

Terms of engagement: I’ll endeavour to post an article each Monday. If you get something else during the week, count it as a bonus.

I can confirm that her site works better in Firefox. I tried to copy the text above initially with IE and failed. Firefox was able to copy the text nicely.

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