Monday, February 26, 2007

All Things Baby Boomer and Then Some

The trail swings back around to pick up the Boomer Chronicles, an irreverent blog for baby boomers and others. It's updated every Monday through Friday, usually several times daily with all kinds of topical posts. Think of it as the Consumer Reports of all things current, as well as some good ol' blasts from the past.

For instance, one of the recent (just for fun) posts literally dissects how the old Magic 8 balls work.

magic_8_ball.jpgIf you are a baby boomer — and who isn’t — you probably had one of these Magic 8 Balls when you were a kid.

Did you ever want to break it open to see how it worked? Well, so did this guy. Check it out.

Another recent post is on the Small House Movement, an environmentally friendly (not to mention, wallet-friendly) way to live.

You'll find the writing style snappy, and the posts well researched and filled with great links. Some of that may be because of who the blog author is. Rhea is a Boston-based journalist who has also written for for People magazine and The Boston Globe. She was also managing editor of Harvard University’s newspaper, The Gazette.

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