Friday, February 23, 2007

While on the trail I am always on the lookout for podcasting tips and tricks... well alright, "always" is since September 2006 and PodCamp Boston. So when this site popped up, it slid right into the RSS Reader and that is something you should consider also.

Now, don't get all testy 'cause I am doing this about podcasting and not using podcasting to do it....

I was recently reminded that as communicators, we’re expected to affirm our audience. Too many times, it’s the other way around. Some podcasters think this medium is all about them. There are hosts who expect the audience to affirm the host. It should ALWAYS be the other way around.

An old broadcasting coach once told me, “You have to make love to your audience.”

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I sat in on a lecture about podcasting by a “grand master” of podcasting. Time after time, the lecturer said things like, “You always have to do this,” or “You should never do that.”

I was surprised that the presenter would be so dogmatic. This brings to mind a simple point for podcasters to ponder. There are no rules. You don’t have to open your podcast with an interview just because someone else does. You don’t need to eliminate theme music just because someone else said that’s too much like “radio.”

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Who provides these tips and tricks?

Scott Bourne is an author, lecturer, teacher and new media pioneer, and the president of Podango Productions in San Francisco, CA. He is the founder of the world's first Internet-only radio network, Netradio, and is a co-host on several prominent podcasts including MacBreak Weekly, the iLifeZone and GMT. Bourne has also been a featured speaker at events such as Macworld Expo and the Podcast & Portable Media Expo.

So now that you know the man behind the tricks, you can add his site to your RSS Reader and stay in touch.

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