Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Balanced Life Center Blog

Continuing to explore the trail amongst the long tail, we find Nneka writing at the Balanced Life Center Blog:

Hi, I’m Nneka (pronounced en-nay-kah), the daughter of a musician and a closet fashionista. That’s me singing. I was born and raised in the southern-most island in the Caribbean, Trinidad. At 8, I was taught to meditate and I’ve been experimenting with it since (present commitment to daily meditation). I was exposed and acculturalized to diverse creeds and cultures.

I’m passionate about expressing Spirit in my life and helping you do the same. For me, right now, that means writing about spirituality and how to apply it to life on Balanced Life Center. For you it may mean composing a symphony, being a conscious entrepreneur, a magnetic salesperson, or a patient, loving stay-at-home mom.

In the Fab 5 on Friday posting, she writes:

Going even further down the rabbit hole with Steve Olson’s post Do You Know What is Real? We can go in circles all day long with this stuff, but Steve explains it in everyday language that takes the circular logic out of it. The concept is still mind bending, but it’s easier to swallow in this post.

She recently interviewed good buddy Phil Gerbyshak:

Nneka: What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Phil: I love the community and relationship aspect of blogging. Since I started blogging in March of 2005, I’ve been able to call many bloggers, yourself included, my friends. Not readers, like you would call people who read a newspaper or magazine column, but friends. People that if they were coming to town, you would change your plans so you could spend time with them. And the old saying of birds of a feather flocking together is true. If you want great people to come into your life, start a blog and share of yourself in an authentic way. Soon, you’ll have more friends and more community than you ever dreamed possible.

Read all that she talked about with Phil here.

Consider adding Nneka's site to your RSS Reader.


Phil Gerbyshak said...

Good call on Nneka's place. She's so happy, warm and positive, I just love reading her stuff. Are you familiar with the Positive Blog Network? They've got some great stuff that you may want to share too. (No, I'm not part of their team, yet...)

Steve Sherlock said...

Phil, thanks for stopping by and for the lead on the Positive Blog Network. That should be a good source of "finds" for the Hitchhiker Team.