Thursday, February 15, 2007

Newspapergrl - Janet

The trail takes out to Utah today where we find Newspapergrl, Janet, writing about a comment that some one left on her blog:
“She is the expert on Internet marketing, and generous with her knowledge. With what she told me on our first date, I was able to increase the hits on my web site by 20%, which more than covered the cost of her meal!”
Read the full story -> A Date with me is a Wise Investment

Janet writes in her About Page:
I’m an internet marketer and writer. I’m passionate about internet marketing and business. I write about it, read about it, and try to learn everything I can about it.

Newspapergrl blog covers internet and affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I talk about the tech industry and B2B marketing. Basically as a freelance journalist, or blogger, I write about what I’m thinking about and learning.
This sounds like a page you should add to your RSS Reader to keep in touch with Janet.


Anonymous said...

Yes, even though I blog about my life, and it's me that posted that, just in time for Valentine's day, I was still in a bit of shock to see it on your blog.
how's that for a very long sentence? And I'm just going to leave it.
Thanks for finding me.

Steve Sherlock said...

Janet, long sentence or short, the Hitchhikers look for writers on the long tail of the blogosphere.

You are most welcome!