Friday, February 09, 2007

Ramblings from a gypsy soul

From France to the Philippines can be a long flight, or a single mouse click. In this case, the click worked and we find ourselves visiting Christine at Ramblings from a gypsy soul. Good thing that we are kind of hungry, there are plenty of appetizing recipes here.

Come along and see how to make chutney:
Yesterday, I did just that. I almost danced a little jig as I crossed out mango chutney from my 'list of food to try and make at home', from hereon we will refer to simply as The List. Our chutney supply comes from my tita who lives in our village. The fact that our source is only a few blocks away has proven to be so convenient especially when curry is served for Sunday lunch and we whip out the jar only to find that we're running dangerously low on chutney. So while on one of these chutney runs I thought, why don't I make my own? And so that was the day it was added to The List.
And read about Lunch at Charley's
I think we were all so excited about the food and the company that we weren't prepared for the scene that awaited us. Hidden behind a massive stone wall lined by mahogany trees, was a beautiful first-class ranch complete with thoroughbreds roaming freely. Perhaps I was expecting something a little more rustic because it was out in the country. But whatever it was, I was pleasantly surprised.
If these items wet your appetite, then make one click to add Christine's page to your RSS Reader of choice.

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