Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Director Tom

Before the trail gets too cold and you begin to think nothing good will come through your RSS Reader as another blog has bitten the dust...

Quiet on the Set!

Director Tom says:

Remember, I'm a filmmaker and story katalyst; not some marketing guru.

This is how I see things; it's my 'lens.' Take what works.

Here’s the second question in the series:

Q. “In starting out, is it best to use a company name or my own name?”

A. It goes back to, “What’s your story?”

Life gives you clues to tell your “story” all the time. The hard part is being awake to notice them.

But if you pay attention, you will notice the clues.

When you catch them, noodle on them. Write them down. Blog them. Share them. Ask yourself what they mean.

You are constantly “churning” your “story.” See what rises to the top.

What will rise to the top? Better click through to Director Tom's posting and read the remainder.

Then, while you're there, cruise around a link or two check out his prior postings and see if this is stuff you could use. If so, add Director Tom to your RSS Reader.

Cut! Change the lighting and we'll roll again, from the top!

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