Monday, May 08, 2006

Douglas Rushkoff Weblog

The Hitchhiker's trail has been full of twists and turns; work, family committments and some travel but this week will bring a special focus on blogs related to the GEL 2006 Conference.
Douglas Rushkoff, who had the honor of opening the full day of presentations on Friday, May 5th writes:
In my comic book Testament (now in a first collected edition!), I look at the same passages as a first and second draft of creation. My "god" characters try it one way, don't like how it turns out, and then start over. I'm hoping by re-introducing readers to the Bible as it was actually written and understood at the time (to the best of my ability) while showing how its stories apply to our current military, technological and economic fiascos, I can bring its power to a new generation. All while dispelling the hardened belief sets of True Believers. I'm going to show how the Bible was intended not to give people religion, but to get people over their obsessions with religion and the fictional character, God. (Obviously, the Bible hasn't worked out as planned. At least not yet.)

Read the full posting here.

For more of Douglas, check out his blog here.

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