Friday, May 12, 2006

Avant Game - Jane McGonigal

Like many games if you play correctly, you get a bonus. Well, this stretch of hiking has turned up a couple of really good blogs.

Jane is writing her disertation and blogging about the best sentence of the day. For example:
#51 - In the field of ubiquitous computing games research, these playtests are conducted on site; they are field tests as much as they are play tests.

#48 -
This design concept, then, effectively performs the anxieties ubiquitous computing has about the balance of power between users and technologies, displacing these anxieties onto the relationship between two different classes of users.

#44 -
But how do you make invisible computing visible?

In the mean time, Jane also writes at Avant Game

Jane writes here:
an open letter to going and doing

Mostly, I think and write and design and talk... and really mostly, I just think.

Sometimes, however, I go places and do things. I like those times.

I already have a pretty good record of the thinking and writing and designing and talking that I do.

So this is a new record.

For the going and doing.

And the cookie rolling.

And you have two for one going today!


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