Saturday, May 13, 2006

Seth Godin and This is Broken

Continuing the hitchhiker trail through the sites associated with GEL 2006, I find two more to talk about today. One should need little introduction, Seth Godin's Blog. If you have not found this one previously, do not pass Go, do not collect... just go there, add it to your reader (he has a nice Bloglines button to make this easy) and listen to what he has to say.
The other site, This is Broken, is not so much a blog in the traditional sense (can a blog be considered a tradition?) as an interactive site around things that are found to be broken.
Like: This ATM that will only dispense in multiples of $50
Or like: an unfortunate sign with one letter out
Or like: this unreachable balcony
So if you find something that is broken, you can submit it following these instructions:
Send us your submission: E-mail us a picture of what's broken, and a message explaining why, in an e-mail (broken at
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