Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wingedpig - Mark Fletcher's Blog

Somewhere along the GEL 2006 trail I found out about Mark Fletcher and his blog at The bread crumbs have been picked up already so trying to figure out how and where the twists and turns and clicks occured is too much effort. The short of it is that Mark is someone folks probably should know. if they do not already.
In 2003, Mark started Bloglines, a free web-based news aggregation service. Using Bloglines, users can search, subscribe to, share and publish blogs and RSS feeds. With the goal of becoming the Universal Inbox for average Internet users, Bloglines is the most popular news aggregator on the Internet.
I am a Bloglines user so I am thankful for the work Mark has done. Bloglines suits my needs nicely.
Mark is not a frequent poster to his blog but he does have good links to follow. Who knows what you'll find when you go exploring?
Read Mark here.
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