Monday, May 08, 2006

Craig Newmark's Blog

Continuing the hitchhiker trail through the GEL 2006 Conference references, I present to you Craig Newmark, of craigslist fame, who also writes on his own blog.
He writes:

I probably shouldn't shoot my mouth off, but I've talked to a coupla cops, and done some reading.

What cops, firemen, teachers and other civil servants need is good quality, affordable housing.

I understand the former World Trade Center area is available, and mostly office space is planned for it. Does NYC need more office space? Seems to me that it's more practical, and safer, to disperse financial institutions.

It's late in this game, but maybe if you want to honor people who do the heavy lifting, every day, give 'em a break. Is there some smart architecural team that could propose housing for people there that would be very livable? It'd need to be profitable for the land owners, maybe not as profitable as big office towers. Is it doable? or am I being a pain in the butt?

Read more of Craig here.
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