Thursday, May 25, 2006

Berkun Blog - Scott Berkun

Continuing the hitchhiking along the GEL 2006 path, I find Scott Berkun writing at the Berkun Blog. Scott lead the Thursday afternoon session at GEL touring Sacred Spaces and writes about it on his blog.
In my studies of architecture, especially sacred architecture, I realized that churches, shrines, and temples are all designed by people. There are no blueprints, and few descriptions, for them in most bibles or holy texts - so what you see in them is an expression of design imagination and talent, as much as anything else. I’m confident that most people can appreciate these buildings and designs in a non-religious way, if they choose too.
In the "What is this blog" section, Scott writes:

This weblog started to log the making and release of a book. Well, the book is out and doing well - But what to do here now?

Here’s the plan:

Weekly short pieces on:

  • Management, teams and leadership.
  • The making of good things.
  • Design, technology and creativity.
  • Highlights from the pmclinic and uxclinic discussion lists.

Monthly pieces on:

  • As new book projects come together I’ll be writing about them here, bringing you into the process.
  • Longer essays once a month will be posted here along with other book news, meetups or tour dates.
Read more of Scott here.

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