Sunday, May 21, 2006

Learning Lab - Annette Kramer

The trail through GEL2006, also brings to light some other attendees who blog. I found out about Annette post conference, so next year I'll have to look for her.
Annette writes at Learning Lab. She says that she is:
a consultant and research professional living in New York City. Her work focuses on the tendencies, talents, conversations, and perspectives that lead to successful learning and innovation. For businesses, Annette specializes in identifying and building strategic alliances to leverage resources, expand brands, and develop markets. For teachers, she offers innovative ways to teach critical thinking.
She wrote about GEL 2006:
She also writes at As Annette Sees It:

Life is so much fun that it's worth noting as frequently as possible. Therefore, this blog is reserved for musings on all subjects that don't really belong in my Learning Lab a blog on sustainable innovation and creativity across contexts.

So, go forth and discover some hidden potential in both of Annette's blogs!

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