Thursday, April 27, 2006

/personal - Niko Nyman

In the About Me section of /personal, Niko writes:

Just like a blog should be, this blog is about my personal opinions on my personal interests. And right now I’m interested in the following topics:

  • Corporate blogging. How businesses can use blogging to their advantage and what does blogging require from the companies.
  • Future of music business. How the music industry is coping with the changes brought on by internet.
  • User interfaces for regular people, which I hope to be the future of user interfaces. I also like to call this the human rights battle against software. My new mobile phone, Nokia N90, has the questionable honor of being an example for my writing about UI problems on a larger scale.
  • User experience as a business advantage. How to sell the idea of user experience? How to prove the business value of focusing on user experience?

Niko has an interesting layout for his blog using WordPress. Read Niko.


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