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The Dilbert Blog - Scott Adams

If you can't get enough of Dilbert in the daily comic from your local paper, you might want to load The Dilbert Blog in your RSS reader.
Scott Adams writes at length about some of the items that he normally covers in three panes.
For example, on Free Will

I don’t believe in free will. That’s partly because it’s indefinable in any sensible way, i.e. you have to assume that the rules of cause and effect are optional for your brain chemistry. Second, it doesn’t do a good job of predicting behavior. No one would choose to be a drug addict or a pedophile, just to pick two examples.

I prefer my own theory. I call it the Pleasure Unit Theory. It does a much better job describing behavior, and it goes like this.

Pleasure Unit Theory: People organize their lives to get their minimum required units of pleasure. While individuals vary in terms of how many units of pleasure they need, everyone is striving to reach their personal minimum.

And on Dancing:

For those of you who have never taken a dance class, it goes something like this. First, the instructor demonstrates some footwork a bit too fast for you to have any frickin’ idea what he did. Luckily he repeats the demonstration several times, each time differently as far as you can tell. And often you can’t see the demonstration at all because a big guy named Tim is standing in your way.

Armed with this lack of information, you take your partner and proceed to humiliate yourself by moving randomly and hoping that this flailing somehow turns into dancing over time.

and on creating words

According to the Internet, I have become a prolific coiner of phrases. You can do a Google search on any of these gems and get all kinds of hits.

The Dilbert Principle
Rat Dance

And more recently in this Blog, BOCTAOE and YSLE. If you haven’t been paying attention, those mean “But Of Course There Are Obvious Exceptions” and “You Stupid Lemon-Eater.”

Read more at The Dilbert Blog.

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