Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marketing Momentum - Mary Ann Davis

A marketing professional interested in learning the latest on marketing trends and the fine science of reaching targeted audiences as we move towards a more customized media society.

She writes on Corporate Branding in Sports Going Too Far:

Personally, I think commercialism has gone too far when stadiums, and most certainly teams, are being named after companies. Going from a mentality of dedicating a stadium to those who lost their lives in World Wars I & II to intentionally seeking to name a stadium after a company that's willing to pay the most, is just sad.

Professionally, as a marketer, renaming a team is like renaming a brand. It's extreamly challenging because of issues like consumer loyalty and perception. I would imagine it would be even more difficult as team fans express such loyalty that it becomes a cultural way of life.

It looks like that she will expand her writing into another blog as she begins teaching a class on blogging in the fall at Hagerstown Community College.

You get two blogs for the hitchhiker effort today.

1) established -> Marketing Momentum

2) just starting -> Teaching to Blog

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1 comment:

Mary Ann Davis said...

Thanks for the mention! And, although Marketing Momentum is my primary blog, I am expanding my writing to include Teaching to Blog.

As I continue posting on Teaching to Blog, I hope for it to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on teaching blogging courses. Plus, I plan for it to be a reference tool for my students.

On another note, I just got notice that I will also be teaching a blogging class at Carroll Community College in MD. I'm still waiting to hear from Gettysbug HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College) in PA, but hopefully I'll be teaching there in the fall as well.