Friday, April 14, 2006

Via Crucis 2006

For many Christians, this week leading up to Easter is an important one. Via Crucis 2006 is a grid blog with many contributors writing about the stations of the cross.

Both Mary and Veronica do seem to imbue a loving presence to Jesus beyond words.  Consolation -  to be with the lonely one. The simple act of wiping someone's face when facing sickness, suffering or death. Again, as Nouwen would point out - not cure, but care.

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Mark at Cowpi Journal remixed the Via Crucis Grid Blog image.  I love the contrast.

It reminded me of a line from the the book The Outsiders, which was written in the 1960s by S.E. Hinton, a then 15 year old girl.  The book was adapted into a movie in the '80s. In the scene, Johnny (played by Ralph Macchio) tells Ponyboy (played C. Thomas Howell)

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

Stevie Wonder took this line and did a a wonderful song based on it.

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I was in Jerusalem on September 28, 2000 when Ariel Sharon went into to the al-Aqsa Mosque, provoking what came to be known as the second intifada. There was a riot and the army occupied the area around the mosque and the Western Wall. Seven Palestinians were killed by the IDF. The next day the city was tense and quiet. Soldiers were everywhere, and everyone's nerves were shot. There was no noise except for the call to prayer broadcast from loudspeakers on the minarets that looked over the city.

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