Monday, January 09, 2006

Shareholder Value - Tony Rizzo

Shareholder Value is written by Tony Rizzo, mechanical engineer by education, from New Jersey. Still interested?

Tony writes,
Understanding how things work is my bailiwick, so that I might make them work better.
Still interested?

Many people in recent years have made a good deal of noise regarding the critical chain method of project management. While the critical chain model is indeed an improvement over the 50-year-old method that continues to be taught by the more traditional institutions, the real value is provided by something quite different: multiproject management.Multiproject management means that the interactions among projects (via the shared resources) are taken into account each time that a new project is scheduled. This is one important step toward achieving the full speed of execution that any organization is capable of providing. There are others.

This blog discusses management concepts, techniques, and decisions that affect the rate at which businesses create shareholder value. The topics range from organizational design to Six Sigma, from the Theory of Constraints to Lean. If it has an impact on shareholder value, you'll see it here before long.

For the next few months my focus will be on the mechanism that causes multitasking, severe delays, and a tremendous loss of the real productivity of multiproject organizations. These include product development organizations
(commercial and defense) and IT organizations.

OK. Still interested? I am stoked! Perhaps, this is why my wife calls me a geek.

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