Wednesday, January 11, 2006

About Women - Barbara Ashton

Barbara writes in her welcome message:
A blog about marketing to women, and all the different faces of women in today's marketplace.

Baby boomer, working mom, at home mom, business woman, business owner, traveller, wonder woman, retiree, divorcee, caretaker, mature student ...

Some days it's about the brilliant ways companies find to market to women, the kind of marketing that makes women ache to have their products or services, and clamor about (or blog) to all their friends.

Some days it's about me, boomer gal, weather vane for what works and what doesn't work when marketing to women in the 40+ age group.

Enjoy. Comment. Share with your friends.

From It's Great to be Me, Barbara writes:

What is going on in our world? Men kill women in Afghanistan for making eye contact or for getting an education, while women in North America kill themselves for men. For what? While testosterone driven media rams standards of unattainable physical perfection down our throats, we women respond by starving to death, and putting our fingers down our own throats? Whoa.
From The Sweet Spot, she writes:

I do love what Laura Hnatow of Imago Creative recently said in her article about marketing to women in the 40+ range, what she calls “the sweet spot”.

“These women are not a niche market for a specific industry – they are THE MARKET for industries savvy enough to understand their needs and perceptions, their life transitions and their deep-seated hopes and fears.”

If marketing to women is anywhere near your alley of interest, please keep Barbara in mind!

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