Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Better Than Fudge - Josh Horowitz

From the Why Better than Fudge, Josh? comes this writing:

The better question would be to ask all other websites…why not Better Than Fudge?

Looking for something more? OK, how about this … in these confusing times when we can agree to disagree on just about everything, fudge stands for something I think we can all get behind.

Fudge is rich and decadent and oh so sweet. It’s the treat among treats. It’s the confection cotton candy probably looks at and goes, “damn, that’s tasty stuff.”

Put another way, fudge is simply great. When I say something is better than fudge (and I won’t throw that phrase around lightly, that’s my promise to you) it will mean something. It will be something worthy of examination, respect, maybe even love.

So there it is…BetterThanFudge.com

So you might think this is all about chocolate. Well, guess again!

Josh Horowitz is a writer and television producer. His TV work includes producing for “Charlie Rose” on PBS and talk shows on CNBC and the Fox News Channel. He has contributed to numerous magazines and websites including Entertainment Weekly, Interview, Moviepoopshoot.com, and US Weekly. He lives in New York City.
For the scoop, or rather inside slice on movies, TV, etc. check out Josh!

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