Friday, January 13, 2006

Douglas Girls in the Disapora

From Put it in Park, babs writes:

It’s 13 degrees. I’ve never heard the boiler run so often. The bathroom window is frozen shut. The dog’s hoohaa is frostbitten from piddling on the go in the snow. Fleece is not worth anything in this temp. Back to wool and animal parts to retain heat whilst outside. Leaving the car doors ajar at night. Definitely not licking anything metal.

But I digress.

I was just proving my Alaskan-ness. I have spent 30+ years of my life in The Great Land. I have a blue tarp (or two) in my yard, I have lead line and cork line in my driveway, I smoke salmon at all hours of the night, I let my kid run naked in the summer and I potty trained her outside, but I DO NOT PARK IN THE YARD!

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What is it like to be cold in Alaska?

It’s 9:23 am, and sunrise is just happening. The lake is frozen and the dog and I have an important date of walking the entire perimeter this morning.

C. calls this morning. She and J. woke up to the turkeys gobbling and flying to the ridgeline of the cabin. Buck goat going nuts in the pasture. J. gets up in time to see brown bear number one go by the bathroom window; “hey bear, hey bear” he shouts as he’s trying to find pants, flashlights, and a gun. C. gets into the car to race to the other side of the pasture to chase off brown bear number two. 5 year old is bundled in blankies in the car. All before breakfast on a school day.

Of course, being the town girl in this friendship,my days are more sedate. No large ursines in my yard. Just the neighbor man going by with a blowtorch to open his frozen mailbox.

So somewhere in the middle of that space between Japan and England is the northern land of Alaska and now you can find out what the view point is from those who are there!

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