Thursday, January 12, 2006

Coaching - Rolf Erikson

Rolf writes:

Most people pay everyone else first — taxman, landlord, credit-card company, and so on. They try and budget every week, month, and year hoping that if they’re careful they’ll have some money left over.

David Bach says this in his post the other day. “Pay yourself first” means just what it says: When you earn a dollar, the first person you pay is you. Sounds simple, but most people don’t do it., he continues.

But he is right, isn´t he?

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In To be Patient, Rolf writes:

Patience is one of the most important qualities to develop if you care about personal growth. It’s also one of the most difficult.

Wouldn’t it be nice if after you identified a change you’d like to make, you could just snap your fingers, and the change would occur instantly? Unfortunately, it’s rarely so easy as that, despite what marketers tell you.

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