Thursday, January 26, 2006

In and out of confidence - Tamarika

All of the day as I lectured and talked with students and colleagues the love of my family accompanied me. I felt strong and solid in a way that I cannot remember feeling many times before. Those dynamic, interesting, vibrant, passionate, emotional, struggling women who follow their hearts and souls. They accept the mess and chaos of life with humor and tears, insecurity and enormous vulnerability. They were right there within me, an integral part of who I am.

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She writes on And now I am found

I realize that now I cherish my time alone. I seek it out and look forward to it. Alone time has become my greatest friend where I gather myself inward and sigh with relief.

Imagine. I have been running away from it all my life. Through relationships, work, and just, well, other stuff. And now I am found. Deep inside. It is solid and safe, joyous and reflective. Even those recurring moments of haunting sadness are welcome.

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