Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thanks to Seth and others on the Z-List

Welcome to all!

The Hitchhikers Guide has been around since March 2005 exploring "the long tail"

Well over 300 blogs have been "hiked" and a trail report has been written about them. You can cruise through the archives.

For the record, the links on the z-list from 37Days through Joyful Jubilant Learning come directly from my blogroll. I added more links in two other postings to extend the listing but these additions were not as neatly presented and I assume thereby not replicated. See neatness does count!

My thanks to Seth Godin and the others who participated in the z-list meme.

PS - The Hitchhiker Team is looking to expand. The trail is long, time is short. There are so many blogs to find and write about, if this suits your interest, and you have some time to spare, let me know.


Karen Shanley said...

I'd like to play.

Steve Sherlock said...

Thanks for stopping by Karen. I'll be in touch to follow up on your offer.