Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Nancy White writes at Full Circle Online Interaction Blog.
I stumbled tonight on to Tom Haskin's blog, growing changing learning creating. When I found a post on Community Healing, I was hooked. Tom is also writing a lot about collaboration, which I've also been focusing on lately.

By the way Jim Benson has a great post looking at very specific collaboration practices in his work team. I appreciate these kinds of posts because they help me examine the more conceptual stuff in a contextual, pragmatic way. Thanks, Jim. I asked him in comments how some of those practices might look at the community and network collaboration levels.

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Julie Leung reminds us that the Moose is on the Loose again...Who can resist a moose with an iPod.... Northern Voice, the fun, down home blogging conference returns for it's third run in Vancouver, BC, Febrary 23 and 24. This time they are moving to larger digs at UBC. The speaker submission date is passed, but registration is open. I submitted a proposal and promptly forgot what I submitted. Duh. I am ripe to be turned down for such flakiness. But that doesn't matter. This is one of the few conferences I'd go to no matter what. That's saying a lot from cheapie me.

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I've tried to become more attentive to web accessibility issues over the years. My main website is not too bad, but today I was pointed to another tool to test colors, Juicy Studio: Colour Contrast Analyser Firefox Extension and my blog fails miserably. Time to change.
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